Fun Finds from Trader Joe’s and Costco

grocery haul

Happy Friday, guys!! Any fun plans this weekend? I’ll be lying low, as I’m just getting settled back in from being out of town.

Yesterday, was grocery haul day and the kids and I did some major shopping at both Costco and Trader Joe’s. I picked up a few products I’m loving at both stores that I haven’t had a chance to share with you yet. So, today’s post is all about great finds from both Costco and TJ’s!

grocery haul

First up Costco…..

Coconut covered cashews…. yes, please! These are delicious! Love that I can get huge packages of hemp, chia and flax at Costco. The salted pistachios from the brand Wonderful really are wonderful, no MSG or other funky ingredients that some brands use.

hemp and nuts

Sometimes Costco has organic berries and sometimes they don’t. Today they did! And something new to my Costco is organic beets. I hope these are as good as Trader Joe’s beets. This brand of tuna and other canned fish is BPA free and is way better than other brands that I’ve tried. It’s a little pricey, but worth it.


Now onto the goods from Trader Joe’s….

I haven’t tried this particular flavor of chicken sausage, but I do know that the sweet apple chicken sausage is wonderful. TJ’s bacon is a staple for us. You really can’t beat the price for nitrate and preservative free turkey bacon. I’ve had this Mojito Salmon once before and both Brad and I really liked it. It also doesn’t contain any sketchy ingredients.


All of these products are other staples in our household. The shredded Brussels sprouts and organic kale are both great for salads. I sure wish that they would leave the stems out of the package of kale. If you haven’t tried the eggplant hummus, it’s a must try! It only has 35 calories for 2 tbsp.


This garlic flavored olive oil is fabulous on salads… no dressing needed. The raw cashews are perfect for making Snickerdoodle Cashew Butter. The flattened banana is a new-to-me product and they are really good. A strip of banana with some nuts would make a great snack. I picked up  a few ears of corn to grill this weekend and they were only 39 cents per ear.

olive oil

And those are my finds this week!

Something to think about…..

Has anyone found any great products that I should know about?

Do frequent either Costco or Trader Joe’s?

Are any of the products above on your favorite list?

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