5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!!! Whoohoo…. let the weekend begin! I was debating on posting the recipe for my go-to breakfast for dinner omelet or a quick fun Friday post. Due to some major lack of time, the quick Friday post won out and you’ll have to wait for that yummy omelet. After work, yesterday, it was off to the gym for some hardcore tricep/bicep work. After working out, I had a MUCH needed nail appointment. I don’t usually make nail or hair or really any appointments during the week, but I couldn’t stand looking at my horrid nails another day. Once I was home sweet home, a recipe blog post just wasn’t happening.

friday dog

So, 5 Things Friday it is!

1. Some food things I want to share: Make this Snickerdoodle Hummus and this Roasted Cauliflower and Leek Soup ASAP! Both delicious eats have carried me through this week. The Snickerdoodle Hummus is perfect for dipping apple slices and I’ve been mixing a spoonful into my yogurt. The Roasted Cauliflower and Leek Soup has paired perfectly with my kale salads that I’ve eaten for lunch the past two days. Just be sure and add a little salt to the soup…. delicioso!

friday 5PicMonkey Collage

2. This song, not video! It’s a little dirty, but a great workout song! ;)

3. Don’t you just love the feeling you get when you wake up and you can feel that you had a darn good workout the night before? I was trying to explain to my husband that with running; I’m sweating, breathing hard and going at it nonstop for over an hour, so there’s no doubt I’ve had a good workout. Strength training is different for me, though. I know I’m working hard and lifting as much as possible, but I often question whether or not I’m working hard enough. So after doing squats, lunges, and other various leg workouts Wednesday night; waking up Thursday with a sore booty and sore legs was a good feeling. ;)


4. I know my bloggy friends and readers LOVE Quest bars! There’s still time to get two FREE bars – http://bit.ly/1dzbchc. They’re all good, but my fave is the coconut cashew. If you’ve never tried them, check out my review. I know I’ve posted this before, but I can’t resist since we’re talking about Quest and all. ;)

quest ryan

5. If you’re a dog lover, this is a worth a looksee. Cannot get over the cuteness!


Something to think about….

Are you a Quest Bar lover? What’s your favorite flavor?

Favorite song right now?

Do you ever feel the way I do about cardio and strength training?

Whatcha doin’ this weekend?

Have a great one!!!

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