Fall Bucket List Revisited

Happy Friday, guys!! I’m so ready for this weekend, unfortunately, it’s going to be a really cold wet one here in Texas. My long run of 15 miles will most likely have to happen on the treadmill, which is kind of a bummer, but I am thankful that I had nice weather for some of my longer runs. Landen has his first gymnastics meet for the season on Saturday, so it should be a fun weekend in spite of the weather.

Today, I want to take a look back at the Fall Bucket List that I posted back on October 5th and share with you what kind of headway I’ve made in checking things off.

fall 2013 bucket list

I thought that I would for sure carve pumpkins because that is something we do every year, but it just didn’t happen. Oh well!

I did make some very delicious no-bake pumpkin cookies!


No Halloween movie watching here. I actually didn’t have very high hopes for this one, since I rarely have time to watch movies or TV.

The house was decorated for Fall, but my kids complained that my Fall decorating was boring. They really want to do more Halloween decorating; complete with witches, skeletons and ghosts….. maybe next year.

fallPicMonkey Collage

I’ve been burning my fair share of Fall scented candles. I can’t get enough, but it’s almost time to get the Christmas scented ones out…. even better!

There hasn’t been a whole lot of cozy sweater weather in Texas yet, but I’ve gotten so into wearing scarves this year. In fact, I’m wearing one right now. This is a regular scarf, but I tied the two ends into a knot at the very end and made it into an infinity scarf {my favorite kind of scarf}. I may need selfie lessons… or maybe my arms are just way too short. ;)


We haven’t lit the fire pit this season, yet, but we’ve got plenty of time for that. And when we do light it up and you better believe roasting marshmallows will be happening!

Trick-or-Treating happened for sure!


The applesauce bread happened too and you must go check it out. It was wonderful!


I try to give thanks everyday. Each and every day is a gift that should not be taken for granted.

Even though our weather hasn’t gotten too cold; we’ve had a couple of really chilly evenings and I’ve enjoyed coffee by the fireplace. One of my favorite things to do when it’s cold outside!


Family pictures happened. I’ve only seen a few pictures, so far and I’m actually a little worried about how they turned out. Here’s Madelyn on her horse.


Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to snuggle up with a good book, but I have plans to do just that over Christmas break.

Black Friday shopping won’t happen this year, but Saturday shopping will. My niece’s b-day party is going to be on Friday, so my mom and I are going shopping on Saturday. I hope we don’t miss out on too many good deals, but it actually might be nice to miss out on the huge crowd.

black friday

I still need to come up with a new chili recipe. We’ve got plenty of time for this one. I have been craving White Chicken Chili like crazy. Might have to cook some up this weekend!

Playing in the leaves hasn’t happened. Our trees are just now starting to lose leaves, so maybe in a couple of weeks.

Make hot cocoa…. I have a feeling we’ll be enjoying hot cocoa this weekend!

Awww…. no family bike rides.

I haven’t created a healthy apple crisp, but I did create a healthy cranberry pear crumble; which was beyond delicious.


I bought new riding boots, but I ended up sending them back because they didn’t fit right. On Saturday, when I’m out shopping I’ll be finding the ones that I like and adding them to my Christmas wish list.

Alexis, Landen and I actually did visit a haunted house this year. We live about 45 minutes away from the Guinness Book of World Record’s longest haunted house and Alexis has actually been through it quite a few times, but this was a first for Landen and I. We had a super fun time!

haunted house


Something to think about…..

Have you been checking things off of your Fall bucket list?

What have you done that you really wanted to do this Fall?

What are you looking forward doing this winter?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like it’s been a great fall so far! My main one was to go apple picking and I checked that one off the list in September!
    Davida @The Healthy Maven {Five On Friday} Random Ramblings #3My Profile

  2. Hanging out by the fire sounds SO cozy right now — I really wish I had a real one! I didn’t really have a bucket list, but I did manage to head up to the mountains and see them in their fall splendour. That’s something that’s been on my list forever, and I finally managed to get it done this year!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. . seasonal exercise .My Profile

  3. I’ll do some Black Friday shopping for ya! ;)
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl Seitan Philly “Cheesesteak” Sandwich (Vegan)My Profile

  4. Lol I am terrible at selfies!!! In saying that I love yours though and I too love my scarves :)

    Sounds like you ticked some good things off your list even if you didn’t tick them all off.

    This weekend I’m doing some serious food prepping and cleaning.
    Jan @ Sprouts n Squats Friday FavouritesMy Profile

  5. Fun to revisit your fall bucket list! I need to do that as well. The pictures look so good just from the few sneak peaks. Can’t wait to see the rest! Hope you don’t freeze on your run! I hate running in the cold!

  6. Looks like a great Fall so far! Those no bake pumpkin cookies- YUMMM!!!!

  7. Those pictures of Madelyn and her horse are precious. I have ones like that from when I was a little older than she is now. I treasure those pictures.

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