Sunflower & Hemp Seed Balls

Happy weekend, guys! Hope everyone is having plenty of fun with the perfect amount of relaxation mixed in!

Before I started the Conscious Cleanse, I had really been wanting to give hemp seeds a try. I keep seeing them popping up everywhere, from smoothies to nutbutters and the health benefits are amazing.

Many of the smoothie recipes in the Conscious Cleanse book include hemp seeds, so I knew it was time to break down and buy some hemp seeds. I found them at my local grocery store, HEB and I’ve also seen them at Kroger and Costco. You can also order them from my favorite online health store, Swanson Health Products.


I first, mixed a tablespoon of hemp seeds in one of my morning smoothies and, of course, I couldn’t taste it and would have never guessed it was even mixed in. Next, I experimented with sprinkling the seeds over one of my veggie-packed salads. There wasn’t a lot of taste, but I really liked the texture. Lastly, I used hemp seeds to create these wonderfully delicious and super healthy snack ball.


If you’d like to find out more about the health benefits of hemp seeds, you can check out this link for a complete description, but I ‘ll give you the lowdown.

  • Hemp seeds are a complete protein; they contain all eight essential amino acids, those that your body cannot make and must be ingested.
  • They contain healthy fats that have positive effect on the inflammatory processes of many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and various  cancers.
  • They contain a great amount of fiber; which lowers bad cholesterol in the body, keeps your bowel movements regular and is associated with a lower risk of  cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • Hemp seeds contain the vitamins thiamine, B1 and riboflavin B2.
  • They are also a  good source of the minerals phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron,  sodium, manganese, zinc and copper.
  • They have a high level of  antioxidant tocopherols.


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Something to think about…..

Have you ever tried hemp seeds? If so, how do you usually eat them?

Ever made your own snack ball? They are so great for a quick and healthy grab-and-go snack!

I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for an update on how the Conscious Cleanse is going and my weekly meal plan!

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    • Thanks, Jules! I’m absolutely loving the cleanse. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to participate!

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