Homemade Cashew Cookie LARABAR

This seriously is probably the easiest recipe on the blog and I know it has the fewest ingredients of any other recipe on the blog….only 2. That’s right…dos, two, duex! To make a fantastic bar that tastes just like cookie dough, you don’t need to add anything else to the original LARABAR ingredients. I saw several recipes around the internet that called for salt, vanilla, peanut butter, but it’s just not necessary I tell ya. Yikes…by looking at the pictures, I could have done a much better job of forming these into bars! ;)


I was able to get 10 really good size bars out of this recipe and lets just check out the nutritional stats compared to the “real” cashew cookie LARABAR….
Nutritional stats from the LARABAR cashew cookie:nutrition cashew cookies

Nutritional stats from my cashew cookie recipe:
198 kcal, 24g carbs, 10g fat, 5g protein, 9g sodium, 16g sugar

I’m not sure how all this came out….looks like maybe I used less nuts and more dates than the original. I guess we’ll never know!


Be sure and check out my other LARABAR recipe on the blog, Homemade Coconut Creme Pie LARABARs. I wrap these in cling wrap and store them in my fridge for a quick grab and go snack.


Something to think about….

Have you ever tried making your own LARABAR or other type of favorite bar?

Have you tried LARABARs before? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?

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  1. Love this recipe! The cashew cookie is one of my favorite Lara bar flavors so I’m glad you picked this one to recreate. Love how easy it will be to make too!
    Danielle @ clean food creative fitness The Secret to Never Worrying About your Weight AgainMy Profile

  2. Cashew Cookie is my favorite Larabar! I can’t wait to make these! :)
    Kim @ Living, Laughing & Losing Totally Random TuesdayMy Profile

  3. They look absolutely pretty and so good!! I love how simple the recipe is. I made a similar recipe but mine turned out to be amazeballs :-) Need to try these soon!!
    Lucie Tuesday Recipes – Delicious ExperimentsMy Profile

  4. That cashew bar looks good!

  5. Want to win some health products!!

  6. TWO ingredients?? Seriously?? You amaze me!!! ;)
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl Slow-cooker Pea and Carrot Rice SoupMy Profile

  7. Good point . . . I would go beyond just Quest bars and stock up on coconut flour and peanut flour, too! :)
    Michelle @ Eat Move Balance Love Caramelized Onions!My Profile

  8. Mmmmm I have been craving cashews like no other lately for some reason!
    jessiebearwhat Together Tuesday #4My Profile

  9. Organic stevia!

  10. I would get some chia seeds & natural shampoo! :)

  11. Oh yum. I’ve never tried making a bar with cashews, but I’m a big fan of ground up almonds and dates. I absolutely love simple snack ideas like this. Who says healthy has to be boring and complicated?
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. . the fear of eating early and eating more .My Profile

  12. I definitely will be making that! It looks/sounds so good!
    Alyssa @ Road to RD The Secret of LongevityMy Profile

  13. I would order raw nuts from Swanson!

  14. Sounds so simple and yummy!!

  15. I’m in need of more chia seeds & coconut sugar….
    debbie WIAWMy Profile

  16. Coconut oil!

  17. Natalie S says:

    I want to order quest bars!

  18. just one thing?! hmm I need some more maca powder for my smoothies!
    Amanda @runtothefinish Post Workout Recovery: Massive Vega GiveawayMy Profile

  19. Wow! Yum!

    Thanks for linking up to #RECIPEFRIDAY!
    Kierston @candyfit #RECIPEFRIDAY: Quick & Easy Extra Lean Spaghetti Sauce!My Profile

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