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Hi folks and TGIF!! It’s Friday Fun-day!


This strength & cardio circuit workout from Courtney at looks like a winner. Circuit workouts, such as these, are great because they keep you from feeling bored and they’re very effective!



These lunch box ideas are so creative, yet they actually look fairly simple. I know Madelyn would get a kick out of all of these, especially the heart for Valentine’s Day.



Sweet potatoes, pomegranate arils, and pistachios all in one beautiful salad….say no more!! Isn’t this Sweet Potato Pomegranate Pistachio Salad from Michelle at one of the most beautiful salads you’ve ever seen? Yes, I’ll be picking up some pistachios this weekend, so that I can recreate this salad. 



Love this reminder from Christina at to stick with “The Happy Diet”! The Happy Diet is a diet that will not only keep you healthy, but happy. This means keeping a sense of balance when it comes to your diet….don’t give up something you love and enjoy; like chips FOREVER, just don’t eat a whole bag in one sitting. ;)


Please excuse me, but I’m on a bit of a sweet potato kick and I seriously HAVE to make these sweet potato donuts from Pure and Simple this weekend! These look melt in your mouth delish and you will love the ingredients!!

sweet potato donuts

I’ve been doing quite a bit of browsing on Lisa Leonard’s jewelry site. I absolutely love everything and I think I’m going to have to break down and buy something soon.


Something to think about….

Tell me a great link that you came across this past week.

Ever had sweet potato in a sweet food? I’ve made sweet potato cookies before and they were great.

Any fun plans for this weekend? My dad, Alexis and I have plans to see Les Miserables this weekend…can’t wait!

Have an awesome weekend!!


  1. That e-card is hilarious. It’s so true! I wish I was creative enough for lunchbox ideas. I’m not at all :)
    Kristen@Change of Pace Thursday ThingsMy Profile

  2. What a fun collection of links! I want to try those sweet potatoes donuts and that sweet potato blend. Both look awesome and I hadn’t seen either!
    Danielle @ clean food creative fitness CozyMy Profile

  3. e-card is hysterical!!! I could see my hubby saying something like that :) He just loves when I tell him the the dessert that he is enjoying is made out of chickpeas
    Laura@ Fit Running Mama Peanut Butter Chocolate Frozen Greek Yogurt BitesMy Profile

  4. Those lunchbox ideas are adorable! I’d love to have something like that for lunch at work and I am nowhere close to the age range that those are intended fun. I guess I am a kid at heart! ;)
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl Peanut Butter Coconut Chickpeas + Cauliflower RiceMy Profile

  5. That salad you found does look delicious! I love sweet potatoes in salads–in fact I have some with me today. Yay!

    Enjoy Les Miserables! I have a million little things that need to get done this weekend, so I have a feeling it will be pretty busy, but that’s okay . . . :)
    Michelle @ Eat Move Balance Baked Sprouted TofuMy Profile

    • Today I have kabocha squash in my salad….sweet potatoes or squash….they’re both great in salads! Have a great weekend!

  6. THose lunchbox ideas – too cute! I really wish that Pinterest had been around when I was little, although I have a feeling that my mom was a little too busy to have been able to cut my sandwiches into bunnies and dinosaurs. I swear that parents have so much more pressure to be creative these days!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. . eating my weight in fruit .My Profile

  7. I love creative lunchbox ideas!

  8. Thanks for the mention! Love the lunch box ideas too! Have a great weekend!
    Shel@PeachyPalate Coconutty KickMy Profile

  9. Love the lunch box ideas and the sweet potato donuts! I am running the Hypnotic Donut Dash in the morning so I will be indulging in the real thing but I would love to make the sweet potato donuts at home soon. I am also loving Lisa Leonard, she is going to be a speaker at BlissDom in March and I am looking forward to meeting her. This morning I emailed my husband three necklaces from her page and told him to one of them would make a great valentine’s day gift. She has a 25% off sale on ALL her jewelry this weekend if you use the coupon code “hugs&kisses25.”
    Stephanie @ Food and Fitness 4 Real Knee Pain from RunningMy Profile

    • Great idea giving your husband a little hint! I noticed the sale and totally plan on taking advantage. Thanks for sharing and good luck this weekend!!

  10. Sweet potatoes are such a perfect food. They are a staple in this home! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
    Amy Jo – Pure & Simple Sunflower Seed Butter & Jam BarsMy Profile

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