Award Winning Chili on a Lazy Day

Yesterday, was a rainy, cold and lazy day around these parts. We all spent most of the day cozied up near the fire reading, watching TV, and on our laptops. Before I got too lazy, I made sure to get in my workout. The gym is definitely not taking a back seat this week or next. Since I’m not too busy with work and kids’ activities and I’ve been splurging so much lately, workouts are a priority right now. Wednesday I ran 8 miles {I usually only do 6 or 7} and yesterday I took a BodyPump class and got in a 3 mile run. Today, I’m planning on getting in another 8 mile run.

Nothing goes as perfectly with a cold lazy day, spent inside by the fire, like chili! I’ve got a real treat for you with this recipe….it’s actually an award-winning chili recipe. Many, many years ago my dad entered this chili into a contest with some friends and he actually won first place. You won’t be surprised he won after tasting this recipe!


This recipe is all about throwing in the amounts that you prefer, but if you want to follow the recipe as written, you’ll want to use equal parts ground meat, onion, bell pepper, cans of stewed tomatoes, and cans of beef broth; with added chili powder and ground cummin to taste. My dad’s original recipe uses three of everything and he uses ground beef, yellow onions and green bell peppers, but feel free to adapt the recipe to suit your liking. He also says…. the more chili powder, the better!! The recipe below is the way I like to make it.



Something to think about….

What’s your favorite food to enjoy on a chili lazy day?

Had chili yet this season?

How are the workouts going? Do you feel that you need up your level of fitness during the holidays {or any other time} or do you pretty much stick with the same level year round?

Hope your weekend’s great and, by the way, this chili would be great to have on hand all weekend!


  1. Genius idea to add beef broth. I’ve been looking for a good paleo chili. I’ll have to try this one!
    Kristen@Change of Pace Paleo ParfaitMy Profile

  2. I just made chili two days ago–very similar recipe! I used ground bison, and my “secret” ingredient is always a tablespoon of cocoa powder. :)
    Michelle @ Eat Move Balance Friday’s Five: Christmas!My Profile

  3. Oh! I’ve been craving chili, but beans have been upsetting my stomach lately so this is PERFECT. I will definitely be bookmarking this recipe!
    Jess @ JessieBear What Will You Wear Treats n’ sweetsMy Profile

  4. This looks so good and I love how simple it is! Can’t wait to try this out!
    Danielle @ clean food creative fitness Turkey Meatloaf MuffinsMy Profile

  5. Your dad’s chili looks really good! My grandma has her own chili recipe but it has beans… and I always eat everything but the beans. I will have to try this recipe asap!
    Brittany Peters Gloomy Weather and the MallMy Profile

  6. I love chili, especially during this time of year! It is one of my absolute favorite comfort foods. I love to make it with baked beans and vegetarian chorizo (soyrizo) to make it spicy. Yum!! :)
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl Happy Herbivore Blog Tour + Cookbook Giveaway!!My Profile


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